Adam Greenberg signed to 1-Day contract with Miami Marlins »

Seven years, two months and 24 days after Greenberg’s major league career began and seemed over on just one pitch, the now 31-year-old outfielder is to get another plate appearance on Oct. 2, thanks to the Miami Marlins and a longshot national campaign initiated by an imaginative fan on a lark.

"I’m ready," Greenberg said on the NBC Today Show Thursday, holding back tears as David Samson, general manager of the last-place Marlins, offered him a one-day contract.

Greenberg was struck in the head by a pitch from the Marlins’ Valerio de los Santos on July 9, 2005 while playing for the Cubs and subsequently suffered from vertigo and vision issues. He never returned to the majors.

The Marlins had received approval from MLB Commissioner Bud Selig to give Greenberg a plate appearance next Tuesday, when Miami has a home game against the Mets, who are scheduled to start knuckleballer R.A. Dickey.

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